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Vitamin & Nutrient Supplement Recommendations Early Adolescent & Young Adults

  • Multivitamin, preferably with iron, once a day.
  • Vitamin D – supplements 4000 international units/IUs per day. Promote stronger bones, this is extra important during growth spurts, after adolescents we stop growing new bone.
  • OMEGA-3 supplements 1-2 capsules 250-500 mg
    This can help cardiovascular health, anxiety & attention span. (Keep your overstock refrigerated this helps preserve nutrients)
  • Probiotics supplements– these are good bacteria – at least 10 billion bacteria a day-can go up to 50 billion.
    Improve digestion, gas, abdominal pain, also seems to help allergies and anxiety.

There is no brand that seems to be better than others in general. Less expensive/generic versions are equally good.

However, the Good Belly Brand of probiotics seem to be a good option, this can be found in many grocery stores.

There are studies that are supporting the benefits of each of these recommendations there appear to be no significant problems or risks with them.

I also recommend the probiotic in different doses for all ages. From infancy on (full term babies).